Disc Brake Parts - 8,000 lbs. Axles (9/16 Studs)

Kodiak Rotor
Part Number: 1001635

Caliper Bracket
Part Number: 1001653

Kodiak 250 Caliper
(with pads and mounting bolts)
Part Number: 1001672
Replacement Brake Pads
Part Number: 1001480
(One box fills two calipers)

Kodiak 250 Caliper Stainless Steel
(with pads and mounting bolts)
Part Number: 1001676
Replacement Brake Pads
Part Number: 1001482
(One box fills two calipers)

Additional Brake Parts

  • Caliper Bleed Port, Brass, P/N: 1001425
  • Caliper 90-Degree Adapter, Brass, P/N: 1001850
  • Caliper Guide bushing, Rubber, P/N: 1001447
  • Caliper Guide Sleeve, Stainless Steel, P/N: 1001450
  • Caliper Guide Bolt, Stainless Steel, 1001445
  • Stud for Caliper Bracket, P/N: 9200100
  • Nut for Caliper Bracket, P/N: 3404200 

If you have DeeMaxx brake components (yellow brake pads), please email us at parts@mycotrailers.com or call us at 941-748-2397 to obtain replacement parts.