The best way to identify your MYCO Trailer is with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

The easiest place to find your VIN is on the Tire & Loading Information decal found at the front of the trailer.

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The VIN decal on your MYCO Trailer is typically found inside the rail, by the first crossmember.

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Can’t find the VIN? Look for a 4-6 digit number stamped into the center tongue of the trailer. Note that numbers may be underneath the bow stop or winch stand assembly, depending on their position. We frequently stamp the same 4-6 digit numbers into your bow stop stand and winch stand.

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If you can’t find any identifying information on your MYCO Trailer, look for the VIN on your title, bill of sale, DMV registration or insurance documents.

In situations where there is no trailer identification, we can attempt to narrow down parts with the following information…

  • Number of wheel studs in the hubs
  • Tire size (LT235/85R16) and load range (C, D, E, G, J, H)
  • Size of trailer lights, either approximately 2.5″ round or 3/4″ round
  • Positive pressure hubs or regular hubs
  • Disc or drum brakes

Send the above information to along with any photos that may help with identification of the trailer or the parts you are trying to replace.

Identifying your MYCO Trailers Cradle

We stamp 4-6 digit identifying numbers into the top rail of the cradle.

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